How to Password Reset on Nexus 5K

Here i will show how to step by step recover a password on N 5k (ex. N5548).

1. Do a hard reboot by unplugging the power cable.
2. Careful watch the switch boot up and when it gets to “Loading system software” (see below) and send break command “Ctrl + ]”.

3. Once you successfully send a break command ( Ctrl + ] ) it will take you to the below screen.

4. Now enter the following commands:

switch(boot)# conf t
switch(boot)(config)# admin-password NewPassword
switch(boot)(config)# exit
switch(boot)# load bootflash: <system_image_file.bin>

This is how it should look (see below). You will use System image not Kick Start image here.

5. Once the switch loads, please login and enter the following commands to assing the new password and save.

switch# conf t
switch(config)# username admin password 0 New_PASSWORD
switch(config)# copy running-config startup-config


If recovery fails. Go back to boot mode (Follow step 1-3) do write erase to kill your startup-config and repeat the rest of the process (Make sure you have backup of the original config by renaming the config file. Move is used to rename a file.)

I hope this helps!

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